The Wave


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The Wave are bringing surfing, nature and a fresh way of thinking to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We are building exciting, sustainable inland surfing lake destinations powered by the latest Wavegarden wave-making technology. We will provide high performance waves for technical development and perfect waves for intermediate and beginners too.

Our first two developments are in Bristol and London UK.

The Wave  - Wavegarden Riss


Perfect waves every 8-10 seconds. Waves for experts and improvers alike. Fast barrels or stretched out open walls of water. Total flexibility. Open water swimming and spaces to relax in water and immerse in nature.

The Wave  - Wavegarden food


Fresh healthy food, organic farming spaces and sustainable growing systems. A chance to reconnect with nature, outdoors and each other. Active, healthy living.

The Wave  - Wavegarden health


Set in beautiful natural landscapes – spaces where people can socialise, get back in touch with nature, play, stay, learn and explore…
There will be something for everyone, all ages, background and ability.

The Wave  - Wavegarden 2
The Wave  - Wavegarden 3
The Wave  - Wavegarden 4


About Us
The Wave team are passionate surfers, business people and social entrepreneurs. We believe surfing can change the world for the better. Come join the journey!