The Wave will be a place that brings surfing and its many benefits to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. At the heart of our plans is a surfing lake powered by the latest SurfLoch wave-making technology. This will sit in beautiful gardens – spaces where people can relax and recoup, get back in touch with nature, play, learn and explore. 
The plans include sensory gardens, healing gardens, activity areas, peaceful hideaways and kitchen gardens, as well as a natural swimming pool, café, changing facilities, accommodation, education centre and retail experience. We will also be home to a High Performance Surf Centre to be deliver in collaboration with Surfing Great Britain that will help develop and support surfing athletes.
The project has surfing at its heart but there will be so much more… We want this space to help educate and inspire people on a whole range of topics, from marine conservation to science and technology. We want it to inspire healthier lifestyles and to make a positive social impact on the lives of those who visit or interact with us. We want to use The Wave as a place to showcase the use of renewable energy and sustainable building techniques. Most importantly, we want to do all of this whilst having a huge amount of fun in the process.
Our plans were granted planning permission in September 2014 and we are preparing for work on site imminently.

We are on an incredible journey and we would love you to join us, making waves of positive change…

An inland surfing destination close to Bristol City

Perfect waves for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Three surf zones. Head high waves for advanced surfers, waist to chest high secondary waves for intermediate and knee to waist high beginner waves.

High performance surf centre for elite athletes and aspiring professionals.

A health destination

Swimming, surfing, triathlon, yoga and open space for activity and relaxing.

Healthy food grown on site, prepared and eaten in a relaxing space.

Surrounded by countryside, nature and water.


An educational destination

Supporting schools in STEM subjects and engaging children to inspire life long learning.

Providing education about conservation and management of water. Protection of coastal and marine environments.

Importance of exercise, nutrition, natural environment, culture and art.

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